Your 2nd Opinion on Faith, Family, Friends, & Finances

Life is Complicated. But You’re Not Alone…

You know how life is complicated and good mentors are hard to find? Well, that’s why I started #heybigbro – to help people navigate through life’s most difficult decisions by providing Real World Advice and 2nd Opinions on Faith, Family, Friends, and Finances.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my life and I’ve learned valuable lessons from each of them, but I’ve also learned from the mistakes and lessons of others too. If it weren’t for all the wonderful mentors (irl and virtual) that I’ve had over the years, I would probably be dead or in jail. But because I was so fortunate to learn from the advice of others, I’ve actually carved out a pretty fantastic life for myself and I’d love to help others do the same.

Having been a mentor for the past 20 years, I understand that most people could use some objective advice, a solid dose of inspiration, a point in the right direction, or at least a 2nd opinion… and that’s why #heybigbro exists. So check out the site and feel free to hit me up with any question you may have.

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