001: Why Share?


As this is the first episode of the show, I just want to talk through why I wanted to do this show, and who the target audience is.

The fact remains, that life is difficult, there are so much uncertainty in life, people are complicated, and we live in a time where there’s so much going on, that it’s tough to navigate through all of these different things.

And so, if you’re somebody who doesn’t have a whole bunch of mentors, or a whole bunch of people to look up to, or you’re bombarded by all the different types of media that are coming at you, and all the different perspectives and you question what to believe, this show may just be for you.

In no way, shape or form do I profess to have all the answers, I definitely don’t, but what I want to provide is a second opinion, a different take, a different perspective, an alternate view on some of the many different topics.

I want to title this show, this episode, and this show Real World Advice for Life’s Most Important Questions.

But again, I don’t want to say that I have the answers. I just am giving another view. I’ve actually been so blessed in my life, to have some of the wonderful mentors that a guy could ever ask for.

First off I’ve got two fantastic parents. They’re immigrant parents who came through, worked so hard, put their kids through school and through college and, continue to be wonderful mentors.

I’ve got four older brothers and four older sisters. Now talk about a diverse set of viewpoints that can come together and influence a young man, as I was growing up.

I’ve got the best friends in the whole world who are so smart and so loving and willing to stick by me as I make mistake after mistake after mistake. And just mentor me and walk along side me.

I’ve had the most wonderful bosses in the world. Now, I don’t know how many folks can say that! But I’ve had really great bosses who have been willing to mentor me, and take me under their wing and show me what it is to find that success and that and take advantage of my proper work ethic that my parents instilled in me.

I’ve had the greatest ministry leaders, who have taught me what it really looks like to live out faith, as opposed to just follow a bunch of rules.

And last but not least, I have the most wonderful wife, who walks beside me, who we challenge each other, and who, we tackle these obstacles of life together.

And so, having that I think puts me in a unique position to make a lot of mistakes and yet have a lot of different perspectives from which to pull from. Like I said, life is so complicated, right now we’re trying to put labels on everything. And we’re trying to put everybody into a box and make everything a generalization or a stereotype so that we can try to understand what’s going on and try to find some certainty.

But the thing is, life is uncertain, and so, what we need to do is we need to slow down, we need to take the time and understand that people aren’t stereotypes, people are very unique, complex individuals, full of complex belief systems, and most importantly, that not everybody has it figured out.

People are doing the best that they can, just like we’re doing the best that we can with the information we have and some of that information is actually false.

Some of that information is skewed. Some of that information is incorrect or biased, depending on the source where it comes from. And so, what I want to do is just give another take. Give another look, give another opportunity for us to tackle some of these questions.

That said, I want to thank you for watching, and I want to thank you for letting me be your second opinion. Be sure to like the page, subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast, share this post, write a review, and most importantly, if you have any topics you’d like me to tackle, hit me up on social media, or send me an e-mail.

I’d love to give it a shot on one of the future episodes of the Hey Big Bro show.

Until next time.


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